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My old Art Class


My old Orchestra

(checkout my music page to see me perform)


My First Exhibition         

Thanks to the amazing Projectability Team                                                                     

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The Hoffmann Foundation for Autism

I won a Great Merit award  at their Nov 2011 Exhibition for International Prize - see Spanish Lace picture in MY GALLERY  The foundation are dedicated to supporting people with complex needs and autism in the community.


Artism uk

In March 2012 some of my work was exhibited in the Artism uk's first exhibition - see their website for news of there local developments in Stockport.

Artism uk  


 Create Art for Autism

In July 2012 my Scottish Piper Bathmat won the 2D category prize  

 Create! Art for Autism, Beechwood College


 Institute of Contemporary Arts

In November 2012 my Scottish Piper Bathmat was exhibited here by Create 2012

Institute of Contemporary Arts


 National Autistic Society

Mum met Jane Asher President of National Autistic Society who over many years has been working so hard to lead the organisation.

 The National Autistic Society

Council for Disabled Children

Mum met Jay who works for this organisation which is the umbrella body for the disabled children's sector in England.  Lots of up to date useful information on their website.

Council for Disabled Children

   Sensory Spectacle

 Sensory courses, resources and support to create a better awareness and understanding of the autistic sensory world. I exhibited here in April 14 

 Sensory Spectacle